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Www.freepichosting.com provides free image sharing/hosting with a number for EXCLUSIVE features such as image galleries (albums), image slideshows, instant folder creation (image series),


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Free Service Features

There is no FEE or registration process, click on "Browse" button, select your file and click "Upload", and your file is hosted. You do not need to install any software for using our service. You can upload unlimited image files up to 2MB each for FREE. You may use these images within forums, myspace, blogs, ebay auctions, tutorials, articles etc.

Who uses Www.freepichosting.com and what are the major features of free service ?

Anyone and everyone, Www.freepichosting.com is developed with aim to provide an easy way to upload image files, galleries and image slideshows, so anyone who wants to upload image files and share with their friends, colleagues, boss, relatives etc. Basically this service is FREE of all. Below are the highlights of free services

Image Randomizer
This unique feature will display random image from any specific series of images that you have uploaded. You may use it for displaying random forum avatars, signatures or even different logo of your site each time the page refreshes you have a new image on that specific area. It will display a random image from a static url.

Create Image Galleries
Easily create and maintain your image galleries. The system automatically creates image galleries, but if you want advance features like adding, deleting images and comments, you will have to become a registered user, its FREE, click here to register.

Create Image Slideshow
You can create well managed image slideshows with a lot of features, you can download it as well. You don�t need to register for image creating slideshows, but for advanced features you will have to become a member, its FREE.

Manage Image Series such as Folders
Manage different image series, which work like folders, soon as you update your profile you get all the advance features instantly for free. For advance features you need to get a free member account.

Create personal profiles
Why to become member if it is FREE ? Each section has some advance features and to keep track of your images, galleries, folders and slideshow you will have to register. You can make your profiles public or private. The most visited profiles have higher bandwidth limit per hour. Share your profiles and increase your bandwidth upto 100 MB per image per hour.

What types of image files are supported ?

Upload image files such as .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .xbm .wbmp and any files which are not against our terms and conditions. There is no restriction of what kind of image you upload unless it is not against our terms.

How it works, when my files will be deleted ?

Your files will never be deleted unless you delete it yourself. Www.freepichosting.com will host your file(s) forever for free. Your file is available for downloading / viewing 24 hours a day forever. Click here to find more answers.

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